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When it comes to detailing there is no set of rules.  There are many styles and practices for getting the job done. Twin Cities Detailing, however, strives for showroom quality perfection and knows only one way to get it.  We use cutting edge products, industrial quality machines and good old fashion elbow grease, removing all the dirt from your vehicle.  It's a delicate balance between gentle yet effective techniques and products. Our experience in the business for 20 years, detailing thousands of vehicles, we have perfected the art of detailing vehicles.   Other shops typically employ felons, uneducated or kids to staff their facilities but Twin Cities Detailing employs only trained, experienced and knowledgeable technicians whose combined experience extends over 50 years!

Over the years, automotive finishes have moved to high solid water based paint finishes and the recent development of nano particle ceramic based finishes used by some European companies such as Mercedes-Benz. Ferrari utilizes a PPG ceramic-based paint.   What this means to TCD clientele is that we continue to stay on top of the chemicals and polishes that produce a quality finish every time. 

Over the years, Twin Cities Detailing has detailed thousands of vehicles from Kia to Lamborghini.  TCD’s methodology is a comprehensive conditioning of all exterior and interior surfaces with a myriad of techniques and equipment such as Ph content analyzing, and quality auto detailing products.

Paint correction is what TCD  is known for as this is the area where dealerships and car washes do not have the skills or patience (paint correction can take multiple days to accomplish) to achieve a crystal clear finish in all ambient light conditions.  Also, scratch removal is even more difficult with modern clear coat finishes being thinner than ever.

We guarantee you will be astounded at the results we achieve!

Why we stand out from the rest:

Wet Sanding

Headliner Repairs

Wheel Repair & Refinishing     


Wash &  Wax      

Interior Re-dyeing      

Clear Vinyl Protection      



Upholstery Repairs 

Concourse Detailing Services

Pin Striping & Trimwork

Wood Refinishing    

  • We are PROFESSIONAL detailers

  • Our Malco product line is tried and true to deliver premium finish and durability

  • 100% money back if not completely satisfied (No Hassle Guarantee)

  • We offer COMPLETE detailing and restoration services

  • Independently owned and operated

  • Decals, Clear Bras, Pin Striping, Trim Restoration Services

We offer complete exterior and interior detailing services to Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Metro Area. We use high end boutique car care products. Customer satisfaction and attention to detail are our main concerns.

Our goal is not simply to clean your car, but to protect its interior and exterior from the abuses of daily driving, to assist in retaining its value, and to help preserve it for years of future driving enjoyment.

Our detailing services are an absolute value for those who appreciate the benefits of a complete detail utilizing the best products available. We treat every vehicle as if it was our own, and we stand behind our work 100%.

If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of your detail, the problem will be corrected immediately. Personalized customer satisfaction and attention to detail are the mission of our business.